Stump Removal & Grinding

You’ve probably recently cut down a tree, or it fell at some point. All that’s left there is the stump. Some people think that this part of the respective plant is insignificant and don’t think they need to remove it. That’s not true, as stumps can be a breeding ground for unwanted insects and be a tripping hazard for children and pets. It’s also just an unappealing feature in your yard that can reduce your home’s visual aesthetic. Luckily, we can remove your stump entirely or grind it down to mulch.

Stump Grinding Los Angeles California

This first method requires us to use special scraping equipment. That’s the expensive tool that reduces the main body of the stump to compost. The roots remain behind, but they won’t continue to grow to the point where it damages your home’s foundation. This part of the tree will naturally decay in the ground, and the body of the stump won’t be there as an unattractive stumbling risk. We recommend our stump grinding service if you want a more affordable solution that doesn’t leave too much of a mess behind. Our experts can even let you keep the mulch so you can use it for your gardening.

Whether you choose this service or our stump removal, we’ll happily help residents in Los Angeles, Beverley Hills, or other surrounding areas.

Stump Removal Los Angeles, California


Leaving the roots behind might still be a hassle. That’s why we have our alternative service: stump removal. We use heavy equipment to dig out this part of the tree and pull it out straight from its roots. It costs more and can leave a bigger mess behind, but we’ll always clean up after it. Your yard will look like there was never a stump there in the first place. Stump removal is a better operation for those that plan on installing another structure on their property.

Our specialists have the skills, equipment, and expertise to get these jobs done. We use precise methods to pull out and grind stumps quickly, efficiently, and safely. You might be unsure whether you need our stump grinding services or a complete removal would be most effective for your yard. We can send one of our experts to your location to evaluate the situation and determine what to do next. Get a free estimate now for any of our services on our website. Also, call to get a free estimate if you have questions regarding our stump removal operations in Los Angeles or surrounding areas.

Client Testimonials

These guys are AMAZING!! I had a forest of trees in my back yard and it was way out of control. I kept getting ridiculous quotes until my daughter found them. They are reasonably priced, very nice & friendly and truly do get the job done in one day. All the other places I contacted told me it would take about 2 weeks to clear it all. They left my yard completely clear and took all the debris with them. I highly recommend them!
Harry Collins

Los Angeles, CA

They will beat any other bids out there! We had a very large Cedar tree removed by them. The whole process was easy and they are true professionals. We referred our neighbor and they gave us a discount. I will not hesitate to use them in the future!

Thanks to Julian and his incredible crew.

Joanna Lacey

Beverley Hills, CA

Good price, fast service, and good quality.

Our house has a two-story palm, and a 1.5 story palm, and these guys did a great job in trimming off the dead branches.

The crew was great, and I would recommend their services to anyone else in Fremont.

Willis Simon

Fremont, CA

Jose and his crew did a fantastic job. They were on time, efficient and cleaned up after the tree removal. Jose is such a nice guy. He even cut a tree free of charge and delivered some mulch the next day! Top notch job and much cheaper than other tree service business in the area. Highly recommended!

Hubert Brown

San Fernando, CA