For over 30 years, our #1 rated tree service professionals have enhanced properties, increased home value, and created peace of mind for our clients & their families. Our fully-guaranteed & certified tree services are maintained to the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Our trucks and machinery are state of the art for all types of tree jobs – big and small.

We service most of Los Angeles. We take great pride in our work, which our references from customers in your own neighborhood in Los Angeles can attest to.


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Property owners, visitors & neighbors love the sight of beautiful landscapes and yards, and we’re here to make sure yours stay pristine and healthy, thanks to our tree service in Los Angeles CA. Caring for your yard is a priority for us, and with your help and input, we will assist you in reaching your goals for your lush landscape and trimmed trees that make your neighbors envious.

Trees with unsightly and overhanging branches need pruning, so trimming can help maintain their health and continue adding visual appeal and provide shade for your landscape. Our tree service in Los Angeles is fully prepared and equipped to provide you with all the necessary services to help you achieve and maintain the health and beauty of your landscaped yard.

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Tree Care in Los Angeles

We consider tree care in Los Angeles as one of the most critical parts of an overall service that encompasses the looks and placement of your trees and how your trees, shrubs, vines, and other plants grow.

As a responsible and respected provider of tree care in Los Angeles, CA, we also consider the science of arboriculture, which involves, but is not limited to, how trees, plants, etc., respond to their environment.

We are aware and always up-to-date about the latest practices with tree, shrub, and plant health and pass that knowledge to you in the services we provide. We understand the importance of healthy trees and plants on your property and their long-term health, including their contribution to the environment.

Tree Trimming

The purpose of tree trimming is to help the trees and shrubs grow healthy and, with our assistance, stay healthy, too. We’re going to keep the trees and shrubs looking their best with a watchful eye on their health and wellness.

Although we focus on aesthetics to maintain their appearance, trees can have branches growing in different directions, making them look unkempt and unhealthy. If left unattended, overgrowth also plays a role in their formation and stifles growth because they can’t receive the proper light and nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

Tree Pruning

Tree service in Los Angeles would not be complete without expert tree pruning services. Part of what makes your trees, shrubs, and hedges look so good is the result of careful pruning to remove dead or otherwise weak branches that affect the tree’s health and appearance.

If we find branches growing where they could threaten a power line or even someone’s home, we will carefully remove them without harming the tree or its surroundings. Whenever it’s needed, we’ll get advice from our arborist in Los Angeles for the best advice on keeping your trees, shrubs, and hedges living and thriving for years to come.

Your tree service in Los Angeles staffs professionals at every level and understands the intricacies of maintaining tree and plant growth, thanks to our professional arborist in Los Angeles, who takes tree care to another level.

Arborist in

Los Angeles, California

An arborist in Los Angeles wears several hats because their duties involve many facets of trees and other woody plants. They learn to become expert climbers and gain additional trimming skills as well. They’re physically fit, hands-on individuals with the strength and ability to prune trees after climbing them or remove them altogether.

They’re experts in their craft and deserve the utmost respect because of their high-level knowledge of botany and arboriculture, enabling them to make intelligent decisions about maintaining trees, planting them, and removing them.

Often when you see someone skillfully trimming and pruning trees, you’re likely watching an arborist doing work they love. They provide excellent care to the trees and use their knowledge and skill when applying pesticides if necessary to protect that tree and others around it.

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Client Testimonials

These guys are AMAZING!! I had a forest of trees in my back yard and it was way out of control. I kept getting ridiculous quotes until my daughter found them. They are reasonably priced, very nice & friendly and truly do get the job done in one day. All the other places I contacted told me it would take about 2 weeks to clear it all. They left my yard completely clear and took all the debris with them. I highly recommend them!
Harry Collins

Los Angeles, CA

They will beat any other bids out there! We had a very large Cedar tree removed by them. The whole process was easy and they are true professionals. We referred our neighbor and they gave us a discount. I will not hesitate to use them in the future!

Thanks to Julian and his incredible crew.

Joanna Lacey

Beverley Hills, CA

Good price, fast service, and good quality.

Our house has a two-story palm, and a 1.5 story palm, and these guys did a great job in trimming off the dead branches.

The crew was great, and I would recommend their services to anyone else in Fremont.

Willis Simon

Fremont, CA

Jose and his crew did a fantastic job. They were on time, efficient and cleaned up after the tree removal. Jose is such a nice guy. He even cut a tree free of charge and delivered some mulch the next day! Top notch job and much cheaper than other tree service business in the area. Highly recommended!

Hubert Brown

San Fernando, CA